Regular Evening Workshops in Mindfulness Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Ho'oponopono - Zürich and Berne

Advance through mindfulness: Yoga Nidra and Hooponopono in German / English, in central locations in Bern and Zurich. more..


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Yoga is a more than two thousand years-old pool of methods for harmonizing and unifiying body, mind and spirit. 


Mindfully done physical, breathing and meditation exercises allow us to be more present, cope better with stress and to relax deeply in this very moment. more.. 

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Marga (Dao in Chinese, Dō in Japanese) means way, or path. We are all on the path of life. The Way, in this sense, is also an expression for the present, unchangeable moment, the absolute unity of ourselves with our immovable Self. 


Most modern, transnational stiles of Hatha Yoga are at least ideologically based on Patanjalis roughly two-thousand-years-old "Ashtanga Marga", the eight-limbed path to samadhi, the stillness of mind. 


Our breath is one of the most important links between our concious and our automatic physical functions. For this reason, it is one of the central elements we work with in Yoga. 


Breathing pervades the physical as well as the meditative Yoga practice. Yoga's breathing and energy-guiding techniques are summarily called pranayama.


Did you know that roughly 65 percent of our body's weight is made up of oxygen atoms? 

Yoga means connection. In my Yoga classes you will find an integral Hatha Yoga practice in a meditative and relaxing setting. 


My focus lies on balancing strengthening and stretching elements, all the while maintaining an intense focus on all processes of the body and mind, exploring new ways to experience ourselves, our bodies and our environment.

Reflections on Seine River by Andreas Ziörjen
Reflections. Seine River near Giverny, France.